Responsibility Matrix.

The objective of using the Responsibility Matrix (RM) is to show the work packages that each person will complete. The project manager might start by having one RM that shows the hi level responsibilities for each person as per your example. This when you would use the form I gave you. But eventually you need an RM that has the detailed task list including each person’s responsibility. This means it could be a really long list. Remember it need only be broken down to the level that the person understands the work and that it can be properly identified for estimating cost.

See Gido and Clements, P. 104 for Level one in diagram which you might use to assign Responsibilities at the start of the project. But see P. 107 for what each person would need to see specifically so the know what their responsibility is.

Thanks to Tassia for the question. Bus 1040 Wed. Summer 2003