BUS Project Management. Project selection ideas for Final Group Project.

Posted Jan. 20, 2004: Which project could your group use for your Final Group project? Here are some ideas. The project might be 'based' on a real project - remember you can't use any copyrighted material. You have to create your own project (by definition it has to be unique) and if you borrow ideas give appropriate credit.

Project may be financially driven (make a profit) or non financial. Use the following link for some broad categories of non fnancial reasons for a project. List of reasons for a project other than financial

An event; a business development idea; a worthwhile cause; a dream come true; an invention; a research project; manufacturing a product; a marketing project; a consumer study; an I.T. project (converting a paper system onto hard drives) and so on.

Criminal investigation project; improvment in agricutural yield project; getting someone elected project; getting a book published project: forming a new organization; a fund raiser; a divorce; waste disposal system; a space initiative; investigating a haunted house project; a deap sea project; providing an information source to correct a major illness (aids); or developing an aid program for a developing country or group in that country.

Correcting a public relations disaster project; forming a new organization project ('Doctor's without Borders', 'Physician's against Nuclear Arms' type of intitiative), 'Ban the Bomb'; 'Get out of Iraq;' 'Fix Iraq's infrastructure more quickly'. and so on.

More coming: college based / student council project (identified but not yet planned / executed)   volunteer group / association in the community.

q     events planning q       starting a business q       a cause you believe in turned into a project: e.g. a Stop Smoking campaign. Or if you own shares in a tobacco company a Start Smoking campaign - directed at a target market.   correcting a systems problem  (hospital, government agency)q       building something unique q       a team effortq       a new T.V show, radio show, stage show, community centre event. American Idol was/is a project. You could consider each weekly episode a project.q       a publicity, advertising or marketing campaign.

Copper and Gold investment study project in Mongolia