Nels'z 80th Birthday. Actually he was was only born once but tradition says that we have to call it his 80th birthday.

I loved the party. That sounds a bit Charles and Welleslyish so let's just say I really liked the party. It was, after all at Linda's place, and it was the Wilket Creakers out in force. Pictures say it better than I can. Two sentences for me to figure that out. I will, however, express my gratitude to Linda and Nurmel for hostessing/hosting the event. Now on with the show. There are 22 pictures in JPEG. format. Suggest, go have a cup of tea while you are waiting for the download if you are on 'dial up'. Those of you who are in the pictures may wish to partake of something a little stronger than tea.

An appreciative audience listens and reflects...

Hey, who's party is this anyway?

Not to be upstaged another wise one speaks up....

Ah! those were the days....

And moving right along...

Somebody please help..

Which curtain?

Let's get a picture of that. There are just too many buttons on these damn things!

And meanwhile an audience begins to form..or is that the food chain

Let's check this group a little closer..

Meanwhile, the Tundra Effect has awoken the territorial imperative

Love this party!

Oops, we're forgetting the guest of honour-well almost!

Let's get his mind off the refreshments

This is one way of wiping out the competition...

Relax Nels, let 's check out those famous lungs.....

O.K. I've passed the test, now where's the booty for the birthday boy?


Well almost..


O.K. Nels it's your turn, tell us a story about 1922

We regret that at the moment of the presentation of the big prezzie, the leather coat, the batteries in the camera died.

Hard copy of any of the photos can be made by copying the photo, select picture, right click your mouse. Save to a floppy in your 'A' drive or a CD in your 'D' drive. Take storage item with pictures to Future shop and have them printed right away for a very reasonable price. Send a copy of the receipt to Nels and receive a full refund?

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