Nancy Douglas

Always missed, never forgotten.

Dear Nancy: we have faith that somewhere in this magnificent universe there is a star or planet that is now echoing with your laughter.

Or, perhaps you are embodied in a picture on the wall of one of your favorite Duke pubs, humming along to the sound of the fiddle music from a live Irish band.

Or, you might come back as a Loon and be bobbing around on one of those lakes you loved to swim in.

Oh, how we miss sharing those simple pleasure with you. Wherever you are you will always be in our hearts and minds.

This web page is dedicated to your memory and will last as a memorial to the happiness, laughter and joi de vie you brought to us.

The riches of thought and discussion that you added to our lives and our gatherings, are now part of our reminiscences. We each

carry what you gave us, to make us who we are today. Thank you.

At Nels 80th birthday party. Gloria and Taras are Nancy's companions. To see what is behind the curtain-

Nancy at Nel's 80th birthday party. Her picture companions are Gloria and Taras