Thanksgiving 2009 Fri Oct. 9 Sat Oct. 10 Sunday Oct. 11 Monday Oct. 12
Meals: All meals will include lashings of libations: coffee, tea or what you bring.
  Thick coffee Thinner coffee Weak tea
Breakfast:   Bacon Millet, porridge Pepto-Dismal
  Omelet/scrambled Pancakes and maple syrup Porridge
  Rye bread/sourdough Sausages/bacon  
  Pan fried potatoes    
  More coffee/tea    
    Ed's chicken  
Lunch:   Lentil soup Mung bean or split pea soup Turkey soup
  Cold cuts Cheese platter/pates Turkey sandwiches
a)Finish shopping! Swiss and other cheese Veggies Turkey fritters
b) Rye breads or your own Humous or other dips Turkey fat on toast
  Veggie platter Nibbles Cold stuffing
  Ed's chicken    
    Ed's broccoli  
Supper: Salad and Lasagna Chile and light crust pizza Turkey, cranberry Tim Hortons.on the way home
Pie Salads Stuffing  
  Fruit salad Fall veggies  
  Pie-apple crumble Roast potatoes  
    Pumpkin pie - ala Kate  
Hors dopers/Nightcap Cheese/plate platter Cheese/pate platter    
Entertainment as appropriate Ed's guitar, Bunties-Lucio Agostini, Fred's short stories, short video's, walks and talks. Kareeoke competition-teams of two-aggregate scores, motor boat rides around the lake, kayaking, fungus finding.

Tentative sleeping arrangment