In memory of Joan Ormont


I met Joan at the Long lake Property Owners Association;

we both had properties on the lake.

We had lunches, dinners, conversations and Email discussions.

I met her family over the years. I can only begin to feel their loss.

Joan taught my grandson Jagger to water ski when he was 8.

I didn't know how old Joan was. It never mattered.

I was captivated by her charm and genuine interest on the day I met her.

I will never forget her enthusiasm on my treasure hunt with her granchildren

Emily and Connor.

It was pouring rain throughout the entire trek. Joan never wavered.

I treasure the brief, infrequent times we shared anything.

The last sharing was a picnic lunch at her mother's cottage.

I did the food, Joan did the rest.

Her deck overlooking the lake was our capsule.

We talked books, ethics, family, life and death.

Death has had the final word.

But not the final memory; Joan shall continue to be part of who I am.

I will continue to write about Joan.

Joan knows.


April 16, 2020. Jagger and I reminnisced about Joan this week. Jagger continues to advance his skills behind a boat. We continue to remember how it all began.

Thank you Joan.

Our thoughts go out to Marian and Michael and their families.