Arlin and Jordan visit Canada, Summer 2003  

A visit to Toronto's Chinatown.



You can see the CN Tower from Chinatown
Spot the tourists in the picture and win a prize.
Hey, who let the China moose loose?
Funky stuff in the stores
Time to take off for the north country
One last look
An unexplored land
No we're not Lewis and Clark, we are Arlin and Jordan from West Palm
Let's get started-this is Arlin
Oh good, some directions
Jumped right of the water and I grabbed it
These pictures are at Bon Echo Park. This is a swallow's nest in the 400 foot high cliffs. The nest ws four feet above the lake.

And look at what was in the nest!!


Another nest

Time to say to goodbye.

Nice adventure, goofey picture-blame my Grandpa

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