Maintain good health to promote positive thinking and higher energy.

Why include health as a topic in time management? Because of all the behaviors that we can change and receive the greatest benefit from, health is my number one choice. Less illness means more productive time, more enjoyment time, and more meaningful time. Striving for good health can give us a wonderful sense of purpose. For instance, I would like to share my twilight years with my partner in life. I would like to be at my grandchildís wedding. I would like to beat my son at tennis when we are both senior citizens. I would like to visit another 25 countries before I leave this planet. Will I be able to do all these wonderful things if I am not in good health? There is probably less chance if I am not in good health. And if you one does get sick, maintaining the best health practices you can will give you a faster and 'better' recovery.

The attached picture shows a relationship between the body and the mind. What you eat affects your brain. Be conscious of foods that provide real body energy and support brain functioning.

Nov. 6, 2006 From the New York Times article on food ratings by Hannaford Brothers stores.

July 17, 2006 Long term consequences, poor choices impact children's health.

Health and Time management written by Fred Pentney:

Is good health a matter of genetics or lifestyle? Is health a factor in accomplishment? Biographies reveal many people who were afflicted by sickness, or had lifelong problems with health, but still managed to have meaningful and accomplished lives. I donít want to suggest that good health guarantees greater accomplishment in our lives. My suggestion is, that by being aware of our biofeedback, and making sensible choices in response, we reduce the risk of poor health and the resulting costs in time and money that occur. What would you like to accomplish or be part of many years from now? How will your health affect these choices? Remember, time management is a life long process and so is maintaining good health.

Which behaviors and attitudes do you have to change to increase the probability of achieving your dreams or goals? These pages will provide realistic foundations for good health. Yours truly is a triathlete who swims a mile once a week, runs  8 km on weekends and goes for a brisk one hour bike ride once a week. Is age a factor here?
No. Getting into the habit is the key. Start with ten minutes three times a week if there are restraints. Add time on as the habit becomes a routine. Natureís way of telling us that it is time to slow down or change our behavior is to make us sick. The sickness period forces us to focus on our bodies and give it the attention that it really needs on a daily basis.

Years ago I developed a health check monitor, which a person completed each day and recorded health affecting behavior, consumption, and activities. I did have the chart as a sale item on this web site. However, I have decided as a public service to provide health guidelines on this web site. As I observe a decline in the fitness and health of the general population in North America, I see the pervasive influence of poor choices related to health, such as the excessive consumption of potentially harmful foods, the lack of exercise, the erosion the daily fundamental foundations of good health such as sleep and low intake of water vs. sugared and caffeinated drinks. There are other signs that the population is getting unhealthier. The increasing billions of dollars that are spent on pharmaceutical drugs, the consumption of antacids, the increase in diabetes, and the general shift in values toward a philosophy that anything that makes you feel good is O.K. Think of all the prescriptions issued that tamper with the bodyís efforts to self regulate itself. I will stick my neck out here and suggest that before the doctor prescribes pills for non life threatening illnesses he/she might ask for a certificate of completion from his/her patients.

Did you attempt to get at least seven hours of sleep a night?
Did you eat three nutritious well-balanced meals a day?
Did you complete three forty-five minute periods of exercise this week?
Did you drink the minimum daily amount of water your body needs for good organ hydration and proper elimination?
Do you have at least two non-work activities to look forward to that make you feel good?
Did one of those activities include other people?

Good health can be the foundation for longevity, well-being, mental stability-especially during times of severe stress, a stress reducer. These are just the major benefits. Think of the time consuming secondary costs of poor health maintenance. Visits to the doctor, low productivity, time spent in the pharmacy, lack of focus, low energy, anxiety from worry about health, time and money spent looking for alternative cures and medicine. The irony is if you went for a brisk walk during the time that you were waiting for the prescription to be filled you may have improved your immune system as much or more than the prescription benefits. (May in the above sense means a greater probability).

Good time management includes preventive measures such a planning, organizing and controlling. We can include terms such as benchmarks, early warning indicators, red flags, sensitivity and remedial action. From a health perspective I want you to consider the following quick checks as to whether there is some room for improvement in your health management. Let's call these benchmark tests.

Check one: stand upright. Let you head drop forward. Look down at your feet without moving from the natural position. Check: Can you see your toes? I realize that we are all built a little differently (endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph), so the degree of visibility may be different - use a previous optimum as a benchmark. At one time you probably could see your toes. Make it a long term objective not to have to bend quite as far to refamiliarize yourself with your appendages.

Check two: Is your posture sagging? This question is not related to # 1.
Are you maintaining some light exercise for muscle tone? The muscles help pull the skeleton back into the right position. This helps relieve pressure on some of your organs. This in turn helps blood flow to the organs. The blood carries the oxygen we need to cleanse and revitalize the cells. Think, 'the hips bones connected to the thigh bone', etc. a stimulus for action.

Check three: are you maintaining flexibility through some stretching exercises each day? Try not to leave the house in the mornings without at least reaching for your toes and the ceiling about twenty five times, while keeping you legs straight? You'll have a bounce to your step all day. You can does this exercise while waiting for the coffee to perculate or the toast to pop up.

Minor revisions Oct. 1, 2011

Note: Aug. 2, 2005. Please refer to the sleep article as above for more health tips.

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