Project Management Group Final Project

Professor: Fred Pentney

Ideas for Group projects. More by Week 4. Needs to be approved. None same.

Guidelines for Written Group Assignment - scroll down.
Assignment Scoring Your page references for exam review. Note two books-use yours
*Selection viable. Confirm with Instructor.  

Gido and Clements text this  column


Verzuh text references this column

*Asterisk are items on the Project Guide.      
Charter. Class and Report copy Signed. In Class           P. 52
Rough draft Status report Wk 6 In Class     P. 371    
Risk mgt. for assignment - in Class + for project     "  
Cover/binder quality/impact   First impressions count  
*Pages . 15-50   * critical minimum  
Bound secure, etc   Always  
Cover page   Impact  
Table of contents   #'s match contents  
  Pictures with report      
*Project oview Executive summary.       Verzuh
R. F. P.     P. 29-26  
Proposal     P. 36   P. 77
Selection Which project and why?   P. 27, P. 62  
*HI level plan.     P. 51-61  
  Objectives/goals S.M.A.R.T.   P. 102  
Charter or contract   P. 64-68   P. 52
Responsibility matrix   P. 107/124   P. 63-64
Communication matrix   P.   P. 70
*Risk profiles/conflicts Risk strategy Conflict   P. 108   P. 79 & 84 & 91
Risk Log   P.    
Statement of work document specified:   P. 30. 38   P. 55
Scope . Why. Key elements   P. 6   P. 57
Goals and or Deliverables, Objectives, Assumptions   P.4, 12, 17, 27, 102 P. 59 & p. 277
What wont or can't do. Decision matrix   P. 62 or Dyna-form Matrix
Stakeholders: major/minor   P.   P. 41/45 
Chain of command, Org. chart   P. 396   P. 27 & 61
Cost est. Ballpark/Order of mag./Phase   P. 254   P. 155
* Preliminary budget. Budgeted cost   P. 256-257, 282   P. 169
Work breakdown structure. I.D.'d   P. 103-104   P. 103
Task list/Charts or List   P. 156   P. 112
* Schedule GANTTchart   P. 110   P. 147
CPM net work diagram   P. 116, 118,   P. 313
Critical path ?   P. 157   P. 134
PERT calculation   P. 178-180. P. 109   Class notes
Estimate Bottom Up/Top down-?   P. 256   P. 168
Work package break down   P. 12, 103, 127, 258   P. 173 & 245
Budget w/sheet   P. 259  
Earned value   P.262, 287   P. 166
Cash flow schedule   P. 272. 277   P. 175-177
Cost and schedule tracking sheet   P. 261. P. 262   P. 177 & 250
  Time cst trade off- crash time   P.218-219
* Resource allocation   P. 230   P. 141
* Resource leveling   P. 232   P. 149
*Monitoring Status meetings intermediate   P. 360-362 P. 368   P. 227
& Control Status/progress reports   P. 371   P. 68 & P. 233 & 246
Open task report   P. 374, 375   P. 229 & 227
Issues Logs       P. 230
Change Board,  Order requests   P.13, 374-375   P. 239
Blueprints, layouts, other diagrams    
*Close out Project Summary Report   P. 372   P. 243
  Client satisfaction assessment short   P. 87, 89, 90   P. 309
Other opportunities mentioned attached?    
Audit docs.     Where did the money go etc?
* Weekly evaluationexample on Status Report   Forms provided weekly  
MS Project software used for docs.  
Quality adjustment        
Total potential 100  
Instructor Close out comment s on Written Assignment - Group Projects
Strategy to get high marks on written assignment
Complete all documents
Use the list provided as a Table of Contents
Create or use  good templates from web or from book.
Make sure the content on each topic relates
specifically to your project.
Get highest mark in each category by quality
e.g. typed vs. written, good editing etc.
MS Project
Show relationship between activities
e.g. effect of a meeting - change on a document
  • WBS to Responsibility Matrix
  • Estimate to budget and WBS
Project Leader assigns or group members choose
50 items divided by 5 = 10 items each person.
2 people could work together on difficult areas
This amount to max two items per week from each team member.
Some  items assigned may just require  a paragraph.
Some  items would only take a few minutes to prepare
Start with templates Fill in as project develops.
The objective is to demonstrate an understanding of the theory of the topic
and its application to the Project chosen.
The assigned itemized list require the coordination of the Project Manager.
Items of marginal quality would drop the score and should be checked by P.M.
The text provides the standards for each items.
Follow the standard in the text and apply to your project.
If each item is completed the assembled written project becomes an excellent source of review material for the exam. Each person could receive a copy for exam review time.
Applying the above learning to future assignments.
Many final Exam questions will refer to the items on the above list.
This sentence shows the relationship of the written assignment to the Exam next week. You now have the opportunity of reviewing thepage references given above before you take the exam.
Note this form can easily modified to chart progress on each item for four weeks.

For your presentation marking scheme: See P. 369 Guido and Clements for action plan.

Timing: about 20 minutes. Start:
Method of delivery. Use your imagination  
Quality of presentation materials. Power Point  
Impact of display materials-poster, handouts, flyers  
Opening impact - did it get our attention?  
Closure: did you sum up key points  
Closure: relate to the audience-engagement  
Speaker's assessment Voice Speaking style Enthusiasm Body language
Do different-deductions