"Fred, thanks for wonderful stories and tips on time management. I'm trying to do. It's hard but I'm trying." C. (Participant). Donlands, Toronto, ON.

"On behalf of the students, (Leadership program) we would like to thank you for an amazing morning. It was a truly motivating and intriguing speech." (Students). R.H. King Collegiate, Scarborough, ON

"As a member of your (Time management seminar) audience I found the information both stimulating and timely and was relieved to discover, that no I am not being unselfish when I unplug the phone because I don't want to be interrupted. M.E.B., Executive Advancement Resource Network, E.A.R.N. Toronto, ON

'I and the rest of us would like to thank you very much for your informative and entertaining presentation to the group. I was delighted when you shared some of your well thought out tips and ideas. Even those of us who have had experience in the area (of TM) were singing your praises at the 'attitude adjustment' gathering at the pub afterwards!" J.S., E.A.R.N

"I wish to thank you for giving your time to be part of the "Meet the Pros" because it allows sharing your wisdom in a small group setting. After the session a number of people told us how valuable they found the evening." K. T., AIC President.

"Thank you very much for your session on time management. I enjoy your presentations and I always come away with a new resolve to do something about my disorganization." B.K., CA, (Participant) AIC.

"Thank you for your humorous presentation on time management at our club's 20th anniversary event. The event was a success. All feedback I've received attests to this." J.B., Toastmasters.'

"On behalf of us all-thanks a million-for your terrific presentation today. You were incredibly entertaining and you had everyone mesmerized by the tea bags." C.T., E.A.R.N.

"On behalf of our senior co-op class we would like to thank you for helping our young people to make a connection between their quality of life and time management." P.G., Co-op Teacher. R.H. King, Collegiate, Scarborough, ON.

"Over the past two days I have had several people from the seminar audience approach me and ask me to compliment you on your presentation. One person referred to you as 'amazing.' ...(Our Professor) quoted you afterward so I guess he must have been listening - the part about the bitter cucumber. In short you were a hit. Congratulations and on behalf of the group thanks once again." C.H., (Event organizer),. Seneca College, Corporate Communication Class.

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