Expense form. Sample 1. Ideal for all journal entries.
Date: Class: Location: Item: $: Bal.:

There are  thirty nine line on which to place information on this page.

Page size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 (inches)  or 140 mm x 215 mm.
Column widths shown are approximate but representative of actual pages. 
Left hand border with hole inserts not shown.

Paper is off-white with just a hint of green. Not as distinct as your browser may show.

To keep track of expenses. More than one page may be used for each month if different groups of expenses are to be recorded. These forms are invaluable, if maintained, as a paper trail for many purposes. We recommed entries at time of expenditure or at the end of each day. Receipts can be filed after page entry.

Computer connection:
The form design design is ideal for quick entries, on site, which can be transferred later to a data base. 
e.g. your Quicken program or XL spreadsheets.

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