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Binders-top quality leather, black or maroon, soft or smooth grain.

Includes: 3 ring, 4 sown pockets, plus:

  • Slimline pen
  • 3 vinyl envelopes
  • A-Z index tab set

Use 51/2" x 81/2"inserts (any brand with three or more holes)

Binder, as above, only $49 CDN.(reg. $59)

Exterior dimensions 7 3/4" wide x 9 3/4" length x 2" thick. Weight: depends on inserts; the 1 1/2" ring size, can hold hundreds of pages if needed.

Binder with standard form package::

Binder as above - three ring, 4 sewn pockets, plus:

  • Standard forms package (dated) as below.
  • Slimline pen 
  • 3 vinyl envelopes
  • A-Z index tab set 

$109 CDN

FORM sets: these forms are designed for easy use, and fit the above binder, or any other 3 ring 51/2 x 81/2 binders. All of our Diary forms are fully dated. The following list describes the inserts that are included in our Dyna-form Planners. The inserts provide a data base section, task lists, forms for project management, a paper trail for your expenses. Dated forms give you total control of all your activities. Inserts chosen for your planner are based on our choice of best design available for each year.

Dyna-form 'Standard Planner' inserts package:
Dyna-form 'Productivity Planner' inserts package:
Planner inserts: Form design
Index tab set, A-Z for addresses, etc.  
50 Address pages - 12 addresses per page Generic
One page per day - dated inserts* Day Timer
Weekly over-view, 2 pages for each week - dated*  Day runner
12 months dated, Jan-Dec.*  Generic
52 Task list pages-lined Generic
5 tab index set for projects
52 Project pages Generic
24 Expense records pages Generic
2 page marker rulers

This package and leather binder $109.00 + taxes/shipping

Planner inserts: Form design
Index tab set, A-Z for addresses, etc.  
50 Address pages - 12 addresses per page Dyna-form
One page per day - dated inserts* Dyna-form
Weekly over-view, 2 pages per week - dated*  Dyna-form
12 months - dated, Jan-Dec.*  Dyna-form
52 Task list pages-lined Dyna-form
5 tab index set for projects
52 Project pages Dyna-form
24 Expense records pages Dyna-form
2 page marker rulers
The Dyna-form Productivity Planner is only available with specific seminars. We will consult with you and provide custom form designs. Email: F. Pentney

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Top quality leather binder and accessories. Full range (3 types) of dated inserts, daily weekly and monthly. 3 types of commonly used, adaptable worksheets for your activities and expenses. Each form type deals with a specific time management situation/solution. With each form there is a description of how to use the form for the best results.

Forms are available in one size only 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. This size has been chosen because it meets the primary requirements of space utilization (without cramping your writing), portability, cost, and flexibility and most importantly adequate storage. There are many techniques for dealing  gathering information for storage and later retrieval when you don't have the binder with you - it isn't essential to have a planner that fits into your pocket or purse. It is important that it has the capacity to store the data that you will need in order to maintain control of your life.  We believe this size meets the majority of time management needs. This package can be used in conjunction with Palm or other P.D.A.'s.

The above 2008 package presents an opportunity to start using a time management system promptly and effectively at a very reasonable cost. Remember, owning a system is a great starting point. You also need the program to make it work. See our tips section. The paper planner can be used as a personal training tool to develop time management skills.


This is a business oriented service, applicable to the home based business or the corporation, regardless of the number of staff. Consulting begins with an evaluation of current methods and resources. A detailed needs assessment is then conducted, leading to a report and proposal for program recommendations. Implementation services can be provided by DYNA-FORM or be delegated to "In house" staff. Training can be provided to groups or individuals. To request Consulting return to the DYNA-FORM Home page and select the "Ordering products" page link. Use the Email: F. Pentney link to provide further details for initial consultation.

Counseling/coaching: "It's about Time."

It has been said that everyone could benefit from a little psychotherapy from time to time. We will provide therapy for time related maladaptive behaviors (time management therapy). This service is provided on an individual basis, to meet any type of personal or professional, time or lifestyle management need. Therapy promotes change for the better. Clarifying our perceptions and modifying our behavior can lead to both feeling and being in control. This in turn contributes to a high level of general well-being that supports our efforts in reaching goals.

A well designed time management system provides structure which helps direct our efforts toward goals. But, sometimes a system and goals are not enough. Our personal habits can be so deeply entrenched that we might not get the value from the system. We might think that psychoanalysis or behavior modification is an "overkill" approach to everyday problems in living and time management. However, the question is not one of how big the problem is by itself, but rather the effect of ongoing and repeated problems, and a lack of resources to solve them. At some point it becomes necessary to identify when our perceptions produce behaviors that are non productive or maladaptive, so that we can improve our responses. A Time management system and a program of behavior modification are effective tools that unify our efforts to get the results we need.

Training - "Invest one day for a lifetime of results!"TM

Get started on a life time of taking control of your life with our seminar, "Making time for Time Management." Training seminars will available on a periodic basis, as posted on our Sample seminar page. Seminars can be designed to meet the needs of individual groups or organizations.


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