What is DYNA-FORM?

DYNA-FORM is a company specializing in development of time management products and providing time and business management consulting and training. The name stands for DYNAMIC FORMULAS, which signifies an innovative but realistic approach to time and business management problem solving. Dyna-form is owned and operated by Fred Pentney

Fred Pentney, business profile:


Designed time management systems, a proprietary day planner and related products. Maintains currency in electronic and paper based productivity systems. Managed businesses to improve bottom line, 25-50 employees. Provided facilitation, training, teaching, marketing and business support services on a contract basis to corporate clients and individuals.

Brock University: B. Ed., Adult Education program
of Toronto
: Cognitive, Abnormal and Social psychology, Marketing geography
St. Francis Xavier University: Training for the Trainer, Adult Education program

Fred's business experience, sincerity and energy in providing support to business and individuals are the strengths that DYNA-FORM has been built on. As a trainer Fred informs and inspires others to achieve. Products are designed to provide structured support for meeting the challenges of time management. In the design of personal programs a strong emphasis is placed on perception, awareness and methods to effect behavior change.


Client and contract list sample: Time management seminar participants have expressed appreciation and satisfaction for learning how to improve their efficiency and effectiveness while achieving goals (see Testimonials below). Business management achievements include numerous retail business turnarounds with significant improvements in profit, processes, efficiency and staff morale.

Fred Pentney has professional affiliation with the Association of Independent Consultants and an active network of specialists in business development and training. He has held He is a former member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (UK and Canada), Scarborough (Toronto) School Board Committee on Drop out prevention, and the Toronto Speaker's Directory. Fred held executive positions with a Toastmaster's International club and is an award winning speaker and Accomplished Toastmaster.
What type of products and services does DYNA-FORM offer?

Dyna-form Standard Planner: using the Dyna-form binder and forms supplied by Day Runner, Day Timers and selected manufacturers.

Dyna-form Productivity Planner is only available with specific seminars. See above link for details

DYNA-FORM products and services enable individuals or groups to develop new behavior, and utilize resources that support reaching personal and professional goals. Products and training lead to the structures necessary to effectively manage change. Clients include individuals and organizations. If your company is presently supplying time management systems to employees, we would suggest a review in terms of costs and effectiveness. If your employees are not familiar with the basics of time management, a training seminar will generate immediate results with long term cost savings, improved employee well-being and their accompanying self direction.
How can I purchase DYNA-FORM products or services?
Make a selection of product/s from the "Ordering Products" page.  The order will be sent via an Email link on that page. Customized materials are available after consultation. We are located near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We will provide training globally. Contact us at Phone: 416-697-7177 or Email: Fred Pentney
Client and contract list (partial):
George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario. Professor: Project Management to college and undergraduate students                                                                     
Human Resources Development Canada (H.R.D.C.): Time Management training for "Consulting as a Career Option" program participants.
R.P.G. (Retail Performance Group-division of Mosaic). Corporate training: client, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario. Professor: Organizational Behavior; computer technology and applications (Microsoft XL); Strategic Marketing/planning including computer simulation for decision making.
Enterprise Centre, Oakville, Ontario. Time management training to Entrepreneurial Business students.
RobinHood Multifoods, Canada. Time management seminar at national sales convention.
Dairy Bureau of Canada. Design store management training materials for major supermarkets. Market and deliver training.
S. M. G. Major supermarkets, Ontario, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Canada.  Deliver training to store managers and staff.
Statistics Canada. Census Commissioner. Train Census Representatives and manage Census for a Toronto district.
Loyalist College. Deliver time management training to faculty for professional development week.
Petro-Canada and affiliates. Develop human resource manuals, technical training, facilitation, site management, divisional office administration.
R.H. King Collegiate, Scarborough, Ontario. Time management seminars to Co-op and Leadership class students.
North York Board of Education. Kenton Centre, North York, Ontario. Time management seminars.
Mongolia. Training business executives and international organization staff in time management, business management and project management
Henkedan Corporation (Investment Counsel), Toronto, Ontario
. Provide marketing and client education services to high net worth investors.

       Published media:     
Korean Ontario Businessman's Association, K.B.A. News. Retail management article.

Roger's Cable TV. Live talk show guest, Technical expert.

Testimonials: Samples of comments from seminar participants.