Deseret Ranch in Utah. This ranch that covers over 200,000 acres and has mountain ranges, is owned and operated by the church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). One could take guided hunting tours and shoot big game such as Elk on this property . The Indians harvested their buffalos here and the cliffs which they corralled the beasts to, to drive them to their deaths, are similar to these. I thought I would find piles of old bones at the base of the cliffs. The next four pictures show what I found. The 'buffalo cliffs' were a few miles back along the ridge to the right.

Is this where the buffalo plunged to their death?

These cliffs are inhabited by birds that have nested in the hollows.

Hundreds of years of bird droppings (guano). This product is harvested in some countries as fertilizer.

The buffalo cliffs are in the distance.

Cactus and other plants survive.

Very easy to get lost.