Change Order Requests and Boards etc. Change Control systems.

Decide as a group how you want to authorize changes to your plan or S.O.W.
How many people of the group have to agree before a change is made? On the project who represents the Customer to authorize changes? What are the documents that need to be filled in for major changes? Who has to sign off to approve the change? Do you keep a log sheets of change requests and approvals - date, time item, task # , approval, minutes of the discussion? If it is a big project there will be a Change Board. (like a Board of Directors-who are the members on the board). What level of importance must an item reach before the Board needs to be involved? Many changes may be minor. Is there a $ limit, a impact level, a time factor that would be considered re: level of authority for the change?

Try and use the above and and capture the above with a some guidelines for your project and a chart of some kind to track the changes. Use MS Word/Table to create your charts. Create a couple of realstic examples of what might happen on the project.