Brotherhood of the Fish

You must be 18 years or older to access this page. It deals with unspeakable subject matters and is intended for inducted members of the Brotherhood of the Fish. Scenes viewed on this site may include indignities to fish and indignities to members of the Brotherhood. During induction ceremonies there may be indignities to both fish and Brothers simultaneously. The Brotherhood does not engage in the discrimination of any type of fish.

To become a Brother of the Brotherhood of the Fish you must receive two nominations from at least two current Members who are in good standing. Good standing means they have paid their current dues. You cannot become a Member by paying their dues for them. For a complete description of the By-laws of the Brotherhood visit this site to monitor periodic postings.

The credo of the Brotherhood is,

"Teach a man to find the fridge and he can get his own frigging beer."


A few of the members of the Brotherhood of the Fish at the 'tail' end of their 2007 meeting on an obscure lake somewhere in Ontario Canada. They are acting like normal people in preparation for resuming their lives on the 'mainland.' The transition process after the Annual General meeting is quite arduous and sometimes requires professional counseling. A whole year can go by without Members realizing the need for counseling. As Brother Stephen succinctly stated at the end of this year's meeting, "The weekend consisted of a series of forgotten memories." This beautiful phrasing speaks volumes about the sensitivities of the Brotherhood.

Welcoming a new member of the Brotherhood of the Fish. The actual induction ceremony pictures will be posted later this week. President Glen shows new Brother Fred the ultra secret signal that is used by the Brother hood to identify themselves to each other when in public or on ceremonial occasions. Fred proudly shows off his Brotherhood of the Fish membership certificate. Fred has not been allowed to join many organizations and was overwhelmed with emotion at the welcoming ceremony.

And that's what its all about. Steve and Glen do the "mine's bigger than yours" schtick.

And now we have the serious competition. Jim joins the bragging rights brigade.


It's intiation time. Dixon does the "Minnow Mash" and hunkers down on it instead of swallowing quickly.

Greg shows him how it's done. Look like it's not his first time?

Not to be outdone, wannabee Brother Fred does a double minnow banger. No I don't swallow, but thank you for asking.

And meanwhile back in the bedroom things are cooking.


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