Reading: 2009 -2010 ongoing: List does not include the stock market trading books for which I am making up a separate summary. .

Literary Women, Elllen Moers, 1977 Oxford University Press

The House of Rothschild, Niall Ferguson, 1998, Penguin

Paris Magdalene, Carol Reesor, Self Published

The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, 1967, McClelland and Stewart

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Edwin Lefevre, 1993, Wiley

1985, Anthony Burgess, 1978, Arrow

The Universal Book of Mathematics, David Darling, 2007, Castle Books

The Partnership, The Making of Goldman Sachs, Charles D. Ellis, 2008, Penguin

Failed States, Noam Chomsky, Audio Tapes.

Predictions, Sian Griffiths, 1999, Oxford University Press

The Lifetime Reading Plan, Clifton Fadiman, 1960, World Publishing Company

The Last Samurai, Helen Dewitt, 2000, Random House. This is a fictional story of a single mother raising her autistic genius son using martial art principles

The Education of Henry Adams, Henry Adams, 1995, Penguin

Sisters in the Wilderness, Charlotte Gray, 1999, Viking. The lives of Susanna Moodie and her sister Catharine Parr Traill.

Rez Sisters, Tomson Highway, 1988, Fifth House

'Make it Big,' Frank McKinney, 2002, Wiley. About a local, Del Ray, Florida contractor who dreams up gargantuan homes and then builds and sells them

'Honorable Justice, The Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes', Sheldon Novick, 1989 Little Brown

'Bozo Sapiens', Michael and Ellen Kaplan, 2009 Bloomsbury Press. Why we make same mistakes over and over again.

'Rule #1', Philip Town, 2006, Crown Publishing. Very insightful book for learning fundamental analysis for stock picking the easier way.

'How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street', Allan Roth, 2009, Wiley and Sons. Simple approach to investing by buying the index funds for key markets. 3 or 4 stocks and you have total coverage and good returns.

'Trainspotting', Irvine Welsh, 1993, Norton. Nasty subject about nasty people in original dialect which makes it an even 'tuffer slog' to read. However, very insightful. A 'must' for sociologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and anthropologists. But, not for the squeamish, self respecting, sensitive or your grandmother unless she is of one of the aforementioned disciplines.

Couple Burn Out, Ayala Malach Pines, 1996, Routledge

Call Me Ted, Ted Turner, 2008, Grand Central

God Created the Integer, Stephen Hawkins

Leviathan, Thomas Hobbs, Audio Tapes

I Sing the Body Electronic. The story of Microsoft's development of the Encarta Encyclopedia. Great read.