Just five minutes from the mountains in Logan this historic home was once a farmhouse. The garden and the house are an oasis.
The patio beckons and soothes on hot summer day and evenings.
This is one of the many areas that making a walk through the garden a delight.
This ornate duck pond at the back of the house is actually part of an intricate irrigation system of sluices that bring mountain water through resident's properties on a rigid schedule, set by the irrigation company's Water Master.
Walkway from the house to the garden.
Breakfast nook
The kitchen.

The kitchen after Fred.


The parlor, accessed from the dining toom.
It's irrigation time. Mountain waters pour through the streets in formed channels. Each resident who pays for access to this water is allotted a two hour, once a week "Right." The water is blocked by the resident and then directed under the pavement into pipes that are laid through the property to distribute the water.
More flowers from the garden.
This is getting tiring. Did you say you were from "Homes and Gardens" or "Architectural Digest?"


Time to get back to the outdoors.

We went for a hike onto one of the numerous trails.

Our destination is Coldwater Lake which is high up on the mountain in the top right of the picture..

Halfway up the trail looking down into Logan Valley. There are deer, elk and cows wandering these hills. Bobcats are found in the mountains that can be seen across the valley.

Hiking up the Wellsville mountain range. At the end of a steep hike on the Cold Water Lake Trail, this visual jewel is made from melted snow.

We reached this point at dusk and walked back down the mountain in the dark with the moon as our only light and the city now sparkling in the distant valley.

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