Angels of Doom.

A Life Lesson. Look at the details in the drawing and read the explanation below.

So what's al this about? Complain and you will feel a burden on your shoulders. It is an Angel of Doom who has come to roost on your body. Quite an encumbrance. Complain and you will feel the full weight of an Angel of Doom; you will feel the sharp claws embedding themselves in your skin and flesh;you will feel the sharp beak tapping your skull, reminding you to keep complaining. Why? Because the Angel of Doom feeds on complaints. As soon as they flow from your mouth the beak opens and the complaints are swallowed, in turn encouraging the Angel of Doom to keep tapping on your head. More, more! Sure enough you now complain of the weight, the talons, the beak and in so doing feed this creature. Why would it leave? You are its feeding station. Your original complaint no matter how justified becomes secondary. One problem becomes two. Eventually one might says the complaints feed themselves in one never ending cycle. After a period of time the oppressive situation begins to take your energy, your shoulders become hunched, your back aches. You don't feel like socializing and if you do for some strange reason you always feel worse than better. Perhaps because you are telling your friends and anyone else who will listen about your problem/s. After more complaining your Angel of Doom gets a little heavier from eating your complaints. The heavier it gets the greater your burden.

Do you notice how innocent this creature looks. It has the 'Who me. Surely you don't think its me?" look. Don't be fooled. Complain and it stays. Stop complaining and suddenly one day your burden is gone. Why because your energy is going into positive, remedial action for your situation instead of complaining about it. You get out of bed, you feel energetic, almost weightless, the headaches are gone, the incessant thought/complain process has changed. The Angel of Doom has flown off somewhere because you aren't feeding it any more. Congratulations. You are getting on with your life.

What about the seagulls in the picture? They deliver little annoyances. These are the situations that drop like bird droppings onto your head. Splat. Yukkie, but easily fixed. A quick wipe and some inconvenience and we move on. We now look up and around for this type of problem. Avoidance is the best answer for not getting 'shat' upon.