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Industry specific case study references from textbook - my notes. If not here Email me I will post.

P. Points etc. now in Weekly sections. Class Reports and upcoming events for each week as indicated. H.O. means handout provided in class. Some may be provided through a link on this page others you will only receive in class. If you miss a class download the PowerPoints and catch up. Don't wait to come to the following class and expect to get a Powerpoint handout. I will provide as many Hand out links as possible on this site.. Some may not be available.

H.O. Course Outline handout - in class only. Week 1. Instructor's commitment to Class for term. Web copy only. Tip on converting PowerPoint to MS word - save space



My schedule at the college. You contact me after the classes or by appointment at other times. If you miss a class you can attend another class - just let me know at the time that you have made a switch.

  • Mon. 11 to 2 Rm 366D/Rm. 350. and 3 to 6 PM Rm. 128. Available after 6 PM class.
  • Wed. 8AM -11AM Rm. 217. Available 11.00 until 11.45. Also, Tutorials 12.30 PM meet RM 124 Fianancial Building every week until exams written. .
  • Fri. 3-6 PM Rm. 406 Financial Buidling 290 Adelaide Street East.- back of the cooking school. Available from 2.30 PM till class starts.





Project Selection, successful projects, P. M. responsibilities and action plan. See Wk. 2 PowerPoint. We will learn the difference between a R.F.P. (request for a proposal, a proposal and a project). We'll then look at different reasons for taking on a project.


Note that once we decide on which project we are going to do we use Project management.

H.O. Pyramids
H.O. Pagonis P.M/Success

H.O. Stakeholders data base

H.O. Project Definition checklist
H.O. Movie questions



Home work Use this link for more info.

Note as of 8 AM Monday Jan. 19, 04 we are still in the same classroom. If there is a late change I will post the notice on the door.

Wk. 3 lecture summary- Posted Jan 23.04 Wk 3H.R. Class The movie-Critical Path, BBC Project selection methods handout Change and Project Mgt. Wk. 3 Definition stage Quiz

No homework - just the Quiz.




Jan. 20. I am working on getting another room. Have to get the Chair's approval. Waiting.

1. Finalize groups for Group Final Project during week 4.

2. Discuss a Final Group Project you could complete with your Group. It doesn't have to be real but interesting and realistic. See Ideas link in table below. 3. Review the p. 39 case use the link

Wk.4 lecture Summary Summary of WBS learning Weighted Decision Matrix completed for Movie project Revised Jan. 23, 04 Ideas for Group Projects
MS Project handout to get started-follow the Gido text. We will do this in class. Wk. 5

Class Group Activity-2 marks. Create a Class Data base as Stakeholders

Sample WBS layouts for various projects Flow Chart (my list) of Definition Stage- Wk. 4 Home assignment for during the coming week.

Wk. 5. New Rooms announcement. We are finished with the old 462 classroom. We will meet in the computer lab 366D - the one we had in week 4 and stay there till 1.50 PM. We will then go to a Smart Room 350 E for the remainder of the class. This split is the best I could do. However, there is a real benefit - it means you can use MS Project software each week during the course; and we still have the internet in the second classroom.

Wk. 5 lecture Summary-written after the lecture. Posted Fri. Feb. 6, 04

Practice Network diagrams Flowchart to-date with Planning stage. 'A' Student handout
Wk. 5 P. Point Consumer Market Study WBS - from Gido text. Sample R.F.P. Decision matrix-Julia
House Build WBS, Network and GANTT - New. Feb. 3, 2004 re; class work
Group activity for 2 marks. See details in Wk 4 Home assignment Critical path calculation MS Project start up - Market study case Gido Wk. 5 Home work

Wk. 6 P. Point
WBS and Estimate Quiz and answers. Tips for Project Managers/Team Memebers of Groups to start off your project

Wk. 6 Lecture Summary See right column for tips on starting your Final Group project

MS Project resources guide - entering costs and resources on MS Project. MS XL is preferable for speed and ease. Decision Matrix partial for H.R. Director's position

Group activityin class- review your WBS, Network diagrams and GANTT charts; hand int to Instructor for 2 marks.

Mid Term Test strategies and details

Mid Term Test review material.-Fred/Verzuh

Answers to Learning Review handout - 2 pages

House Build WBS, Network and GANTT Home 6 Home Assignment-review previous materials as per strategies in Wk. 6 left column.

No PowerPoint review previous weeks. As of Monday Feb. 16. we will meet at the lab 366 D. If there is any change it will be posted on the door. Extra time for Tutorial Wed. 1 PM. Feb. 11, 2004 Meet in the new Financial building 290 Adelaide-at the back of the cooking school building. Meet in the lobby. The lane way to the left of 300 Adelaide leads to the lobby. If late room # will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway which is to the left of the elevator.

Home assignment: work on Final Group Project.

Wk. 8 P. Point Reading: Ch.. 10
Ch.. 12. Project Communication/documentation
3M movie review New Mar 6, 04
Wk. 8 lecture summary. Completed March 6, 2004 Status Reports and Communications Quiz Home assignment will be to produce a Status Report. Each Group member will be required to complete a template that will designed by the group.
Meet in lab 366 D for first half of class and then 350 after break. Communication, Meetings, issues and reports. Estimates, costs, budgets, forecasts. Home assignment for Wk. 8 hand in Wk. 9 at start of class. Complete group Status report as per guideline created in class.

Wk. 9 P. Point. Reading : Chi.. 9. Get an understanding of this section. Don't worry about the detailed calculations. We will simplify in class. Written Report Marking guidelines
Week 9 Lesson Summary Completed March 15, 04 Scope control, reporting variances, Resource allocation, Resource leveling. MS Project- enter Gido and Clements data onto a floppy and bring to class.
  Team Marking Template. Homework-see PowerPoint. Meeting Agenda and minutes.

Wk. 10 P. Point. Ch.. 11 Page 337-353 Project Teams. Teams. Project problems. Close out phase. Team build. Monitoring and controls. MS project. Review and practice as per the handout provided in class.
Lecture summary on request    
  Homework Wk. 10. Write a Summary Report and submit for two marks

Wk. 11 P. Point. Reading: Ch. 13. Types of organizations. Before you come to class examine the Org. structure of where you work. Draw a diagram. ypes of organizations. Monitoring and controls MS Project Resources/materials entries as per Gido case.
Lecture Summary notes on request. Week 11. Written report due this week - moved to Wk. 12 as per class concensus and ratification.

Status Reports and Communications Quiz (same as Wk. 8)

Status Reports and Communications answers - answer codes for above quiz

  No home assignment
Wk. 12 P. Point. Reading: P. 437-449 Learning review section Project Manager Quiz
Class Group presentations. The order will be determined by an agreed process in Week 11 Teams Quiz
Project Manager or a Team Member hand in the Groups Final Written Report, assembled and complete at the beginning of class. Late penalty 50%. Groups be prepared to present. No home assignment
Wk. 13 P. Point. Project Organizations Quiz
  Final Exam Review Go to Verzuh. Coloured boxes are Final Exam.
  Room Design Presentation  

Wk. 14 P. Point. What we will be covering in the final exam? Mostly the second half of the semester, but including: relationship of the project to the R.F.P and the Proposal. Also MS Project use, pros and cons, Estimating, Estimate quiz and answers, Earned value, Project Manager, Project and other types of Organizations, Teams and Team building, Monitoring and Controls, Communicating and Documentation, Reporting and Problem solving on the project. Execution and Close Out phase. See Week 12/13 Powerpoints for the guidelines on what to study plus the Supplementary handout Wk. 12  
Not the Review summary below is the same as the Power Point for this week - just a different format. I will add more tips on Sat and Sunday. Week 13 PowerPoint is more specific.  
Wk 14. New Review summary The exam will be written in Room 456E not in the computer lab.  

Project management is like being on thin ice. Always be alert, proactive-remember, uncertainty is one of the characteristics of a project.