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Scroll down for each Weeks details including PowerPoints, Lecture notes, and handouts and Homework. Scroll down. See Wk one for my class schedules, and Course Outline.

Being proactive is a key behavior characteristic of a an effective Project Manager and Team Members. e.g. Class/students give me feedback! Thanks.

Verzuh/Fred book review by topic - Exam study guide. Includes Terms and Definitions

Gido &Clements study guide and Power Points.


Business magazines and news- go to Newsroom

Ask Jeeves search

Text book case study references and industry specific cases

Mon 3-6 pics

Wed. 8-11 pics

Fri. 3-6 pics

My schedule at the college. You can contact me after the classes or by appointment at other times. If you miss a class you can attend another class - just let me know at the time that you have made a switch.

  • Mon. 11 to 2 Rm 366D/Rm. 350. and 3 to 6 PM Rm. 128. Available after 6 PM class.
  • Wed. 8AM -11AM Rm. 217. Available 11.00 until 11.45. Also, Tutorials 12.30 PM meet RM 124 Fianancial Building every week until exams written.
  • Fri. 3-6 PM Rm. 406 Financial Buidling 290 Adelaide Street East.- back of the cooking school. Available from 2.30 PM till class starts.
  • Re: Wk. 13. Good Friday. April 9, 2004 All students (from any class) are invited to attend an extra Class, Tues. April 13, Noon to 3 PM. Room # to be announced here and posted on my office door. Room 124, Financial Building. Meet in Room 456E. (St. James, 200 King St. E. building)








Wk. 1 P.Point Project history and industry Model Build Group Work BUS 1040 Course outline
Week one lecture summary notes. Instructor's commitment to Class for term Objectives and Key learnings for course. Tip to get quick text copies of PowerPoints.
I will post your earned marks into Web Ct. It is in the "My Grades" section. Marking for In class and Group work. Students are required to track their own marks for the group and other work   Home Assignment: Visit the PM Institiute (PMI) web site (www.pmi.org) and learn what the organization does, the professional designation you can earn, (PMP) and the body of knowledge that is used to set standards for the project management industry. (PMBOK)






Wk.2 lecture notes-see day Mon. Wed. Fri. Monday 3-6 Wed. 8-11 Fri. 3-6
Wk 2 P.Point Home assignment. Use this link for more info.on web presentations Sample R,F,P, request for proposal document. Movie review about PM and Critical Path

In class we will match the Wk2. . "Project Success action plan" to the Gulf War handout. Know how to define success of a project and know the 5 action steps for successful project completion.

Understand the R.F.P., its relationship to a proposal, the project selection process and project management.

Wk.3 lecture summary notes New Jan 23, 04 Monday 3-6 Data base notes only Wed. 8-11 Data Base notes only. Fri. 3-6 Data Base notes only
Quiz for Definition stage Weighted Decision Matrix completed for Movie project -updated Jan 23, 04 MS Project handout to get started in Labs or Library In class activity-present a web site details-see Wk. 2 link

In Class activity: Present a project this week, to the class. One of the group members will be the Project Manager to make sure the group is ready to present . The P. Manager may also introduce the project name and the group members and choreograph the presentation. No Power Point needed. Each of the four group members will take one part/phase of the project and describe it to the class. E.G. Define, Plan,. Execute and Close out. If the project is not completed present a "What if " scenario. This must be a real project that is on the web or in a text.Time; 5 minutes max. per group. Everyone speaks a little about the project.

New learning: Choosing the right project. Review the Hospital Case to see on what basis they made their decisions. P. 32 Verzuh book. Will will revist this case before Mid Term..

Weather update: go to G. Brown web site. http://www.gbrownc.on.ca/News/weather.html I will be in Class as usual regardless of the forecast.

Wk. 4 Lesson Summary notes . Overview of WBS lesson. House Build WBS, Network and GANTT Answers to the Wk. 3 Quiz on Definition -match to the Quiz.
Wk. 4 P. Point Flow Chart (my list) of Definition Stage- Sample WBS layouts for various projects

Wk. 4 Home assignment Forms to be brought in in Wk. 5

Wk. 5 Lecture summary notes-completed and posted Fri. Feb.6, 04 Groups start your Project - finalize in Class. 5 or 6 people Practice Network diagrams "A" Student behaviors - how to get "A's" in exams.
Wk. 5 P. Point final done. Instructor's documents to help get your Group Project started - in class activity. Bring in your sample docs.

Critical path exercise in class.

Note for the diagram go to Verzuh PM book p. 137

Computer lab.schedule. Last half of class. Mon. 366 D

Wed. 376 D

Fri. 362 D

Flowchart to-date with Planning stage. Ideas for Group Projects MS Project start up guide for lab work in lab. Wk. 5 home asssignment
Group formed. Students not in a Groups go to Groups with less than 5 or 6 and join. Or groups less than 5 solicit students from the first column on linked web page. The following student need to Email me so that I know if they are in a group and if not I can assign them to one. Marylea Halloran, Sing Wong, need a group. Suze Jules, Saric Svebor you need more people in your group - contact me. Vichit Ly Larry N and Michael - contact me you need more people or combine with another group.


Groups formed in Wk. 5 Monday Class - this is a listing. Wed. Group listing. Fri. Groups listing

Re: Week 4 homework. How many forms do you have to bring to class (from the Web or other sources) that could be used on your Final Group Project? I would suggest 4. Any that are related to Definition topics that we have covered in class so far. See the Flowchart link in Wk. 5 for an overview of Defintion stage. What are you going to do with them? Share them with your new/final groups. Decide which ones will have value in completing your Final Group Project.

Wk. 6 P. Point
WBS and Estimate Quiz and answers. Tips for Project Managers/Team Memebers of Groups to start off your project

Wk. 6 Lecture Summary

See right column for tips on starting your Final Group project

MS Project resources guide - entering costs and resources on MS Project. MS XL is preferable for speed and ease. Decision Matrix partial for H.R. Director's position

Group activityin class- review your WBS, Network diagrams and GANTT charts; hand int to Instructor for 2 marks.

Mid Term Test strategies and details Mid Term Test review.-Verzuh House Build WBS, Network and GANTT Home 6 Home Assignment-review previous materials as per strategies in Wk. 6 left column.

Mid Term Test: see all the refernces in Wk 6 for study tips, place, times and marking. Test is out of 20.

Execution Stage of the Project cycle.
Wk. 8 PowerPoint Reading. 153-178 Review estimates. We will test this topic in the Final Exam. Read 219-234 Communication for this week. Team (Group) Weekly Marking standard

3M movie Review.

Lesson Summary New Mar. 6. 04 Status Reports and Communications Quiz Note the Home Assignment requires each student to provide separate copy of their Team/Group Status Report -but using the same template. Homework - Status report template. Hand in at the start of Class Wk. 9. 2 Marks

Monitoring and Controls and Close Out.
Wk. 9 P. Point. Reading. This WK. 9 reading has been moved forward to Wk. 8 Team (Group) Weekly Marking standard
Lesson Summary New March 16, 04 Types of project controls. Types of orgnization and effect. Team characteristics.

Home Assignment detail. Meeting Agenda plus minutes for problem solving meeting notes include contribution to meeting from each Student. PM submits a Master copy. 2 Marks. Hand in at start of class Wk.10.

Wk 10. P.Point Reading Verzuh p. 236-242, 245-260 Estimate Quiz in class. Final Written Report marking Guidelines.
Lesson Summary

Monitoring and controls. Scope controls - types of documents. Earned value. Close out Phase documents - include these in your Written Repots.

During the week practice how you are going to present your Final Group Project.

Home Assignment. Complete a Project Summary Report. 2 Marks.

Wk 11 P. Point Reading Group Final Written reports due Wk. 12 as per concensus and ratification in class. Final Written Report marking Guidelines.

Status Reports and Communications Quiz (same as Wk. 8)

Status Reports and Communications answers - answer codes for above quiz.

Lesson Summary   Group presentations. 10 -12 mins. max per Group - each person speaks for two minutes. No home assignment

See Wk. 12 PowerPoint for your Group's presentation time.

Hand in your Written copy of your Final Group Project at the start of class. Late submissions will only receive a max. of 50%. (10 term marks instead of a potential 20). There are no exceptions to this project rule for two reasons. See Guidelines above.

Wk. 12 P.Point- Group Final written Reports due at the start of class Wk. 12. Late will result in a pass mark of 50% max. if it meets that standard. Have a back up copy ready if the PM. doesn't show up.

Project problem solving through matching the problem to right method.


Project Manager Quiz

Teams Quiz

Lesson Summary Reading - review No home assignment - start exam review.

See Wk. 12 PowerPoint for your Group's presentation time. Note: all weekly marks posted on WebCT must be checked and corrected this week. No adjustments will be made after this week.

Wk.13 P. Point - Reading. p. 300-309 Peer evaluation not needed (ignore Course Ouline directive) Project Organizations Quiz
Lesson Summary   We will review the Quiz answers for the Questions that were handed out during the previous weeks. Homework detail - Exam review: What we will be covering in the final exam? Mostly the second half of the semester, but including: relationship of the project to the R.F.P and the Proposal. Estimating, Earned value (basics), Project Manager, Project and types of organization, Teams/Team building, monitoring and controls,Communication + meetings, Documentation/Reports, Problem Solving, Execution and Close Out procedures.
See Wk. 12 PowerPoint for your Group's presentation time. Re: Good Friday. All students (from any class) are invited to attend an extra Class. Tues. April 13, Noon to 3 PM. Room # to be announced here and posted on my office door. Room 124, Financial Building.

Final Exam

Wk.14 P. point -

Not the Review summary below is the same as the Power Point for this week - just a different format. I will add more tips on Sat and Sunday.

What we will be covering in the final exam? Mostly the second half of the semester, but including: relationship of the project to the R.F.P and the Proposal, project and operations, etc Also MS Project, pros and cons, Estimating, Estimate quiz and answers, Earned value, Project Manager, Project and other types of Organizations, Teams and Team building, Monitoring and Controls, Communicating and Documentation, Reporting and Problem solving on the project. Execution and Close Out phase. See Week 12, 13 Powerpoints for the guidelines on what to study plus the Supplementary handout Wk. 12  
Wk 14 New Review Summary Final Exam. Usual time. Usual place.  


Project management is like being on thin ice. Always be alert, proactive-remember, uncertainty is one of the characteristics of a project.


Previous course removed. Let me know if you need access.