May 10, 06. From tranquil to trauma. A day at the offfice, Long Lake style.

Misty mornings 4 May on Long Lake  
Time to reflect and then to work. May 8, same time different quality of light.
Slaving at the kitchen table, holding a cup of coffee, with my work for the day spread out in front of me, suddenly there was an enormous crash against the kitchen window about two feet away from me. I instinctively ducked which caused the coffe to spill all over my paper work.

Amazingly the window was not shattered. I went outside and a large grouse lay in on the deck, very dead.

The window that became the flight path Grouse, weighed one pound 9 ounces.
Meanwhile back at the cottage the flycatchers are busy building their nest. It's on the small ledge by the vent under the eaves.
Flycatchers nest under construciton above window. I put a small ledge up to suppor the nest. They have nested at this spot before, without the ledge and literally glued their nest to the vertical cottage wall with mud. But one year the nest fell off-proably due to the vibration from the washing machine on the spin cycle. I owe them better support. Nest close up under eave. This is two days work. The fliy catchers arrive every minute with new material. However, they are very cautious going down to the ground for nesting material and coming back to the nest. They make about three stops each way, and look around at each stop.
At the side of the cottage more action.  
I get a some help with the chores. A chipmunk scours a pot. A noise above me-another gaggle of geese going north
Looking for some supper. In the evening a porcupine shinneys up a tree behid the cottage.

And to wrap up the day, I listened to the The Whip-poor-wills which made their onamatoepoeiac calls from dusk late into the night. The loons competed with them for same duration. No 11 PM curfews in nature.